My Authentic Life
My Authentic Life
Kelly Woods

Welcome to My Authentic Life

Redefining Narratives: Connecting Gen X Women through Shared Experiences.

About Us

Our community is a safe space for Gen X women who are tired of pretending everything is fine. We recognize that there are countless untold stories that need to be explored in order for us to better understand ourselves and each other. We encourage members to share their experiences with authenticity and vulnerability, as we believe that this is the key to reclaiming our voices and reshaping our narratives.

We are stronger together than we are alone. We aim to lift each other up, provide support, and find common ground in the midst of our unique experiences. 

We are committed to creating a space that is helpful and respectful. We understand that these conversations can be difficult, and we ask that all members approach them with an open mind and heart. Our hope is that, by coming together, we can build a community that celebrates the complexity and beauty of our authentic lives.